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Welcoming Diverse Opinions and Views 

Raheel Raza - an eloquent Muslim who won over millions on Bill Maher & BBC's Hardball


In order to promote free and fair discussions where everyone has the right to express their views and have their voices heard in an atmosphere of compassion and kindness for all, Rev. Zenji met with leading scholars, experts and faith leaders to hear their views on how we can combat Antisemitism. Instead of encouraging tired Kumbaya styled echo-chambers and group-think, Zenji upheld the Buddhist and Jewish traditions of welcoming debate and diverse opinions where everyone feels that their unique voice is appreciated.  

In a world where female empowerment is of great significance, Raheel Raza is a leading voice for the Muslim community and her appearances on Bill Maher and BBC's Hardball were seen and praised by millions. Raheel has also been praised by Harvard for promoting compassion and tolerance. Her interest in interfaith discourse stems from the firm conviction that all voices deserve to be heard and all viewpoints seriously considered in a climate of kindness and best practices. She also wishes to defeat radicalism and build ties between communities. She is the Head of the Clarion Project and Muslims facing Tomorrow.

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